ScoreKeepr 2.7 is Here!

ScoreKeepr 2.7 is now available for download as a FREE trial or for purchase.

New Features include:

  • 100% brand new graphic set - looks great on TV or web
  • Customizable graphics - customize team colors directly within ScoreKeepr
  • Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey, & Soccer Add-ons - tons of sports specific features
  • StatKeepr 2.7 - manage stats with a brand new interface, advanced searching, easier editing, and Excel import capabilities
  • Set Favorites - ability to store your favorite teams, venues, sponsors, broadcast networks
  • Customizable key color - customize background color of scoreboard to optimize your key
  • More consistent interface - no matter what sport, the buttons will always be in the same place
  • Keyboard shortcuts - quick keys to make it even easier to control ScoreKeepr
  • More accurate timer - timer is now accurate to the tenth of a┬ásecond
  • Advanced lower thirds, smoother animations, and much more!

To order ScoreKeepr:

You will receive your serial number within 24 hours of payment.


ScoreKeepr is a fully-featured character generator made especially for sports. It can produce a scoreboard with a user-controlled clock and score, lower thirds with in-game and season stats, a fading graphic to lead in and out of commercial breaks, and even a full-screen scoreboard to give your announcers and crew a break during your commercial-free webcasts.

The history of ScoreKeepr:

Having spent the last seven years doing sports broadcasts and the last two with a Tricaster, I know where you are coming from. Back in 2006, I was asked to build an entire station for under $10,000. My client asked for the works - including a sports bug to show the time and score. I told them that would be impossible without spending 2-2.5x the set budget. Sure you could have a graphic fade in with the score every now and then, but you certainly wouldn’t have a stop clock. I was frustrated because I knew there had to be a better solution. And thus ScoreKeepr was born.

What next?
Over the last two years, ScoreKeepr has rapidly advanced. Initially, just a scoreboard application, it is now a fully-featured sports character generator program, with sports-specific scoreboards and an associated stats management application, StatKeepr.

Why look at the pretty pictures, when you can take ScoreKeepr for a test-drive for FREE!

Scoreboards & Stats

The program also now has advanced scoreboards for specific sports.

What does this mean?

  • A football scoreboard with down and distance, field placement, penalty flags, and database-driven football statistics
  • A basketball scoreboard with time-outs, fouls, and database-driven basketball stats
  • A hockey scoreboard with penalty clocks, shots on goal, and database-driven stats (now available!)
  • A baseball scoreboard with live player stats, count/outs, runners on base, specialized full screen graphic, and database-driven baseball stats (now available!)

All advanced scoreboard purchases come with StatKeepr, stat management software, at no additional cost!

What does this mean?

  • Input and store player biographical information for easy display during your broadcasts
  • Track basic season statistics to sync with player lowerthirds
  • Keep live in-game stats to bring up on either a lowerthird or an animated statistics bar


Although ScoreKeepr was designed with the TriCaster in mind, it will work with any production switcher or studio in-a-box system that has chroma keying/overlaying capabilities:

We have tested the product on many different machines, but to ensure that performance is up to your broadcast’s standards, please download and run the available demo.

NOTE: You do not need Tricaster 2.0 upgrade, datalink, or live-text to use ScoreKeepr.

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